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Scritter: A Multiplexed Content Display System Compatible with Current 3D Projection Technology

Koki Nagano     Takeru Utsugi    Takeo Hamada    Mika Hirano1    Kazunari Arahara2   
Noriyuki Yamamoto2 Akihiko Shirai2     Masayuki Nakajima
Tokyo Institute of Technology     Tokyo University of Technology1    Kanagawa Institute of Technology2

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System Overview Scritter glasses


We have enabled the superimposition of multiplexed images on the same screen at the same time with tangible and stable equipment. Multiple users can view different contents without splitting a screen by using special configured polarized glasses. The image projection method is designed to be based on current 3D stereoscopic technology, which is now prevalent and making rapid progress, thus high compatibility with current contents industries is retained. Therefore our system enables the wide range of applications with new expressions and can easily be put into production.



  • First Academic Prize in the JASSO’s Student of the Year 2011 from the Japan Student Services Organization, December 2011 (co-contribution with ScritterH)
  • Best Media Art Award from the Center for the Study of World Civilizations, March 2011
  • VRSJ Young Researchers Award from the Virtual Reality Society of Japan, March 2011
  • Excellent Contents Award from the Society for Art and Science, March 2010


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Collaborated with NEC Display Solutions. Sponsored by the Center for the Study of World Civilizations (CSWC) and the Tokyo Tech 130th Anniversary Office.



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